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Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh
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Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh

Open All Year... Poised on the edge of an 'aqua oasis', the 35-hectare Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh resort hotel is embraced by the spectacular land and seascapes of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The Resort is a popular destination for watersports and diving vacations.

Περιγραφή ξενοδοχείου

Poised on the edge of an 'aqua oasis', the 35-hectare Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh resort hotel is embraced by the spectacular land and seascapes of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

The Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort Hotel is a popular destination for watersports and diving vacations.

The hotel is adjacent to Na'ama Bay and just ten minutes' drive from Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

The hotel is also host to Club Olympus fitness centre and Spa.


Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh is located adjacent to Na'ama Bay and is just 10 minutes' drive from Sharm El Sheikh Airport. The resort faces the premier diving site, The Gardens.

At the southern extremity of the Sinai Peninsula lies Sharm El Sheikh, where the mountains gradually run down to the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea. 

Developed for its spectacular location, this city is world-famous for its coral and aquatic wildlife.


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Παραλία σε Kοντινή Aπόσταση
Συνεχή Δρομολόγια
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Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

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The resort hotel's restaurants and bars are a showcase for truly global cuisine, each offering their own specialities.


Café Fresco This restaurant offers a variety of Mediterranean specialities, predominantly traditional hot and cold buffet dishes that are constantly updated or given a flavourful twist.

The choice of food is seasonal, aromatic and always fresh. Guests can watch their food being cooked at the open charcoal oven and live cooking station.

Sala Thai Restaurant The restaurant is classically Thai with rich teak wood, sensuous fabrics, antique art and an open display kitchen. The Sala Thai

Restaurant offers an evening of grace, refinement and congeniality with a genteel and charming atmosphere.

Cascades Pool Bar & Restaurant Located on the edge of the river pool and waterfalls, Cascades restaurant offers delicious grill dishes, light salads and home-made ice cream. Dinner is for romance, elegance & tranquillity; treat your palate & soothe your soul.

Enjoy fine wines and succulent grills amidst the reflections and sounds of the waterfalls. Cascades menu features our all new stone cooking.

The Beach House Poised on the edge of the breathtaking Red Sea whether savouring the freshest seafood grilled to perfection or just a light and tasty salad with a cool cocktail, the Beach House is the perfect place to unwind.

Dinner at the Beach House is a serene experience of exquisite seafood and casual fine-dining looking out at the shimmering sea lapping against the shore.

Souk Souk at the Hyatt is a gallery where all the senses are indulged. It offers a variety of Bedouin music and rhythmical drum beats, lively scents of Middle Eastern cooking and boutiques displaying local artefacts, fashion and jewellery.

All together, these wonderful features provide an Arabian evening charged with scents, sensuality and appeal. Guests can enjoy pan-oriental cuisine with a programme of folklore music and dance.

There are different delicious delicacies to try from the vast array of shops, bars and restaurants in the Souk.

Souk: Tahina's - 'The Flavour of the Region' Middle Eastern hospitality is frequently expressed in the offering of a fine meal or mezzeh. Its cuisine has evolved over several thousand years linking Europe to the Orient.

Collectively, this region has produced a cuisine that epitomises the culture and the diversity of its heritage. At Tahina's, an array of Lebanese and Arabic specialities is prepared and presented.

Speciality dishes include Hummus, Babaganoush, Labneh with Walnuts, Tabouleh and Fatoush.

Souk: Caz-Bar - 'The Relaxed Demeanour of Indoor-Outdoor Living' Relish the last remnants of the day with a flurry of outdoor entertaining. Set amongst the mosaic of Middle Eastern life in the souk, enjoy a wide selection of frosted and refreshing drinks.

Souk: Olivo's - 'Food of the Sun' Much of the charm of Mediterranean food comes from its simplicity. The food of sea, sun and olive trees is vibrant, heat-tinged and forceful. It uses products that define it, such as intensely flavoured ripe tomatoes, green oil of first-pressed olives and wild herbs, such as basil.

The dishes reflect the traditional cooking of Spain, Provence, Greece, Morocco, Italy and Egypt. The natural ingredients combine to create a fresh, uncomplicated flavour. The presentation is simple, and its beauty is in the natural austerity; what you see is what you taste.

Speciality dishes include Spanish Paella, Tomato & Tuna Risotto and Dolmades.

Souk: Roti Roti - 'Aish, 1500 Years of Bread Making' The oldest known bread, called aish, was baked in Egypt over 1500 years ago. It is still produced today in primitive wood-fired brick ovens. From the Middle East all the way to India, flatbreads are an integral component of the traditional cuisine.

In Egypt, vendors piled their flat wicker baskets high with aish and perched them precariously on their heads as they wound their way through the crowded streets of the souk.

At Roti Roti, breads, from aish, sorj and shirak to romali, are wrapped around traditional Middle Eastern dry curried and spiced meats, and served with traditional pickles, chutneys and condiments. Speciality dishes include Kibbeh Wrapped in Sharg Bread and Spiced Falafels in Pita Bread.

Souk: Sweet Shop - 'A Delight to the Eye' Pastry shops from Turkey to India are a delight to the eye. Halvas, sweetmeats and Turkish delight are made in an unbelievable assortment of flavours and colours, and filled with nuts and dried fruits.

The main ingredients are varied, ranging from rose water-flavoured gelatine and washed cottage cheese, to crushed nuts and honey. At the Sweet Shop, a range of Middle Eastern pastries, shabats, ice creams and fresh fruits is served.

Speciality dishes include Baklava, Pistachio Menenas, Semolina & Date Cookies and Kanafe.

Souk: Wok's - 'The Asian Essence Flashed in a Pan' From this humble cast-iron, ovate pan comes the most mouth-watering dishes. The wok's shape allows total flexibility, and its searing heat seals in juices.

The expert chefs make the simplest and freshest products come alive. They fine-tune their dishes with judicious seasonings of soya sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, rice wine and sesame oil. At Wok's, an array of fresh seafood, noodles and rice is prepared in classic and time-honoured fashion.

Speciality dishes include Fried Rice, Singapore Noodles, Mee Goreng and Stir-Fried Strips of Chicken with Lemon Grass.


Cascades Pool Bar & Restaurant Set among the cascading waterfalls, the pool bar offers a wide variety of cocktails, cold beverages and ice creams.

The Azure Lounge As the focal point of the Lobby, the Azure Lounge captures the breathtaking views of the coastline and the Gulf of Aqaba through the grand window.

Guests can enjoy coffee, tea and snacks while relaxing in the lounge's natural daylight, or outside under the parasols on the verandah.

Stars Music Bar Looking seaward towards the call of the ocean, the bar captures the view of the setting sun's autumn colours on the water.

The Stars Music Bar will stir your senses or shake your soul, and provide you with an evening to remember.

The range of classic and contemporary cocktails, fresh fruit juices and drinks selected from around the world will roll back the heat wave.



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