Udai Bilas Palace

Hotel Overview

Dungarpur is a picturesque town set amongst the rugged peaks of the Aravalli mountains.

Nestled in idyllic splendor, with the blue waters of Gaibsagar lake on one side and a cove of private reserve forest on the other, Udai Bilas Palace, is the embodiment of the old world charm of princely India.

It is a heaven of peace and tranquility amidst spectacular scenery. The Royal Residence has opened its doors to share its gracious life style with the world.


Dungarpur the, City of Hills,  was founded in the 13th century and rose to fame under the Guhilot Ahara Suryavanshi Rajputs, who trace their ancestry from the elder branch of the main lineage at Chittorgarh. The cousins however came together to fight many a historic battle against the invaders.

700 years later, Dungarpur is still a picturesque town set amongst the rugged peaks of the Aravalli mountains. The history of Udai Bilas Palace, Dungarpur, Rajasthan dates from the mid-19th century, when Maharawal Udai Singhji-II, a great patron of art and architecture, built a wing of bluish grey local stone Pareva overlooking the lake and the Ek Thambia Mahal, featuring intricate sculptured pillars and panels, ornate balconies, balustrades, bracketed windows, arches and frieze of marble carvings, a veritable marvel of Rajput architecture.

The Udai Bilas Palace was enlarged in 1940 by Maharawal Laxman Singhji, who built three new wings around the Ek Thambia Mahal and thus created the famous "courtyard" of the Palace. The result is an architectural expression exquisitely detailed. Dungarpur is full of surprises and promises to be a memorable experience in your journey across India.


Excellent roads place Dungarpur just 25 km. from National Highway No.8 approached either from Ahmedabad or Udaipur.

Ahmedabad airport is just 175 kms. away and Udaipur airport is at a distance of 120 kms. Dungarpur also receives convenient daily trains and buses from Ahmedabad and Udaipur.

Food & Beverages

  • Dinning room with Indian cuisine & continental on request
  • Special candlelight dinner by the lakeside
  • A la carte snacks served by the poolside
  • The Pool Bar