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FAQ: Special Offers / Hot Deals / Members

1. What about special discounts?

If you make your reservation at least 6 months in advance you will be offered an early booking discount. The percentage amount of an early booking discount varies according to the policy of each hotel. Some hotels offer early booking discounts nearer to your arrival date. Your personal travel consultant will inform you as to any available discounts or special offers that may be applicable, not only for accommodation but also for peripheral services such as vehicle rental, excursions etc..

2. What about special offers?

You will find available special offers listed on our Special Offers page. Also if you are flexible as to your choice of destination, mention that in the Preferences Notes field on our Reservation Form and your personal travel consultant can propose a variety of packages that may be of interest to you.

3. How can I become a Gold Member?

Visit our Members’ Club page for more information on how to join, and the benefits offered.

4. Do you organize Family Holidays?

Of course we do! We will strive to provide every member of your family with cherished vacation memories. When you submit your

Family Holidays Form


be sure to include the genders, ages and interests of your children in the Preferences Notes field. That will allow your personal travel consultant to propose a package that will have something for every member of your family.



5. Do you organize Group Holidays?

Use the Group Holidays Form to submit your request.

We can arrange group bookings for parties of 10 persons or more to include extra activities or excursions along with your accommodation package. Complete and submit the Group Holiday’s Form stating any particular interests or requests in the Preferences Notes field.

6. How can I book a Package Tour in Greece or elsewhere?

For Package Tours within Greece, please follow this Link.

For Packages offered by Hotels & Resorts in Greece and other locations in the world, please visit the link Special Offer.

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