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FAQ: Additional Services / Special needs

1. How can I inform you of any special requirements?

Your needs are a priority for us, no matter how simple or complex they may be. That is why we have the Preferences and Notes field on our Registration Form. The more detailed information you provide your personal travel consultant, the better able they will be to serve you.

Some preferences may simply be a matter of availability such as adjoining rooms, smoking rooms or specific locations within the hotel (upper/lower floor, view, proximity to elevators or entrances). If however you or a member of your traveling party have impaired mobility and require wheelchair access or any other support facilities we will guide you toward a selection of hotels specifically equipped to provide you maximum freedom of movement and comfort.  It is also helpful if you include times when it is convenient for us to reach you by phone.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every hotel will be capable of meeting all of your special requests but we will do our utmost to direct you to a choice that will offer you the greatest possible enjoyment and comfort.


2. What if I need wheelchair access?

All of our search menus include wheelchair access as one of the parameters in the Amenities section. However there may be additional hotels which haven't updated their amenities information.

If you have impaired mobility and use a wheelchair, be sure to note that in the Preferences Notes field of our Reservation Form. Although there is growing awareness internationally of the practical and spacial requirements of persons with mobility impairment, not all hotels were designed with wheelchairs in mind.

Your personal travel consultant will provide you with the best selection of accessible accommodation for your destination of choice.

Please Note: if any important information such as mobility impairment has been omitted from your reservation request “The Finest Hotels of the World” cannot be held responsible should the hotel you book prove inadequate to your needs. You will not be eligible for refund in this case so, to ensure your comfort and enjoyment of your holiday provide your personal travel consultant with all the necessary information.


3. Can I access the internet from my hotel with my laptop or a PC?

Any hotel with a three-star rating or higher will be able to offer some means of internet access. Most hotels either offer landline connection via a LAN port in your room or WIFI. If that type of connection is unavailable they will certainly have an internet or business corner where you can access the net.
Also, most European cities now have free hotspots in various public areas for easy access via your laptop.

4. Are pets allowed in my hotel?

Traveling with pets is always a challenge and demands a lot of forethought and planning to insure that both you and your pet will have a pleasant experience. The number of hotels and resorts that are “pet friendly” is limited, there are however hotels that not only welcome pets but have special facilities for them.

When you submit your request, be sure to tell us about your pet in the Preferences Notes field on the Reservation Form. Include detailed information (i.e. if you have a dog mention the breed – some countries have very strict restrictions for entry of certain breeds, even with a “Pet Passport”).

It is also essential that you check the policies of any airlines you will be using as these differ. In general check with your respective consulates as regards the animal laws of any and all countries you intend to visit. You love your pet so you certainly don’t want it to be stuck in quarantine.

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