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FAQ: Complaints

1. What do I do if I have a complaint?

The Finest Hotels of the World is dedicated to providing only the highest standard of accommodation and travel related services. For that reason your feedback is extremely important to us. If you have any complaints regarding the quality of the accommodation or services offered do not hesitate to inform us immediately! Follow this link to evaluate your experience. Your cooperation will aid us in protecting other valued clients from businesses that do not deliver what they promise.

We take our commitment to excellence seriously, that is why we will not present a hotel or service to you, our elite clientele, unless we have seen their facilities with our own eyes. However, managers come and go, seasonal or full-time staff quality varies. With a database of more than 18,000 hotels worldwide it is physically impossible for us to visit each of them as often as we would like to. As such we greatly appreciate your invaluable contribution in bringing sub-standard hotels or services to our attention.

We give you our solemn promise: with the third complaint we receive about a business from any of our esteemed clients we will immediately strike that hotel or service from our database and discontinue any and all collaboration that business. We believe that in this way we will be better able to protect you from dishonest business owners who do not deliver the standard of accommodation or service they claim to provide.


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