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1. What is the procedure for booking a perfect holiday?

Choosing Your Destination
Before you finalize your decision take some time to browse through our listings of surprising destinations. Whether you prefer to relax in the familiar surroundings of location you have already visited, or are the adventurous type eager to explore the unknown, you will find a wealth of information to assist your choice.

Always think about the total vacation time you have as well as how much of that time you are willing to spend getting to/from your destination.

Choosing Accommodation
Where you choose to stay is going to be your home away from home so it is important to realistically consider all of your needs before you make a reservation. Consider the total size of your traveling party, the amenities you consider essential, the amount of actual time you intend to spend in your room as well as any other special requests or needs you may have.

Each hotel listing provides information about the facilities and amenities offered (note that in some cases certain amenities may incur additional charges), analytical pricing for each room category, photographs of the hotel and some general information. When you have made your first choice it is a good idea to select one or two alternatives as well. Depending on the season you wish to travel your first choice may not have availability.

When completing the On-Line Reservation Form be sure to include all important information so your personal travel consultant can better serve you. Please Contact Us anytime should you require further assistance or additional information.

Airline Tickets
We can easily book your flights via our full bonded European Reservations Centre. We guarantee the best price offered by any bonded European Travel Agent at the time of your booking for flights to/from anywhere in the world. Visit our Airline Tickets Page for a quote.

Car Hire or Transfers
If you like the autonomy of driving yourself we can have a rental car waiting for you ant your point of arrival. If your idea of relaxation means someone else does the driving we can arrange your transfer by local taxi, our Exclusive Limousine Service or helicopter! Tell what you prefer and we will make it happen.

2. How can I reserve a villa, apartment or traditional dwelling?

Regardless of what type of accommodation you are seeking the procedure is more or less the same.

In the event that you haven’t found exactly what you are looking for complete a Request Form and one of our personal travel consultants will help you. If you want it we will find it.

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