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FAQ: The Company

1. Что случается если я Агент путешествии или Оператор Тура?

Если вы агент путешествии или же Турный оператор и желайте сотрудничать с нашей компанией, пожалуйста Нажмите здесь чтобы заполнить Форму Резервации.

2. Кокой тип Услугов Клиента предлагается?

Наш департамент Обслуживания Клиентов, имеет опытный пресонал, которые могут ответить на все ваши вопросы, могут помочь вам путешествовать по сети наших веб сайтов и решить всякие технические трудности, на которые вы можете наталкиваться в течение вашего бронировании. Мы предлагаем самые лучшие услуги, чтобы обеспечить безопасность вашего ощущении онлайн путешестыии.

Если вам нужна помошь с вашим бронированием или имеете вопрос про имущество, пожалуйста пошлите email в наш Департамент Обслуживания Клиентов. Если вы желайте связаться с нами другим способом, осмотритесь на нашу Страницу о Информации Контакта.

Для прямой связь вы можете позвонить по телефону: +30 2810 300330, +30 2810 220088, +30 2810 382750, +30 2810 382770

Только в крайном случае, позвоните по телефоном:+30 6974 778448, +30 6974 785010, +30 6974 383998, +30 6974 778558

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3. What should I do if I still have questions but they aren't answered here?

We have tried to cover all of the most common questions travelers ask us. Please do not hesitate to contact us however for any further information or special requests. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

4. How do I know the quality you promise is the quality I'll get?

We only collaborate with recognized hospitality industry leaders and we have personally inspected any and all hotels or venues featured on our websites for quality of facilities and services offered.
Our EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification is a quality guarantee that we have worked very hard to attain and our dedication to traveler satisfaction is evident throughout all our operations.

5. Should there be a legal difference, which court applies?


Over the nearly 40 years that we have been in operation, having served untold thousands of travelers, we are pleased to say that we have never needed to resort to legal arbitration or litigation for the resolution of any differences.


In the event that such a need should ever present itself those differences would be under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Heraklion,Crete where our Registered Offices are located.


6. Can you give me information about "The Finest Hotels of the World" DMC/PCO?

Please visit the About us link in the verticle menu immediately to your left for a profile of our Organization.

7. Which international organizations are you members of?

Our Organization is a member of most major international Travel & Conference Associations

8. Have you received any awards or accolades?

We have been honoured with many awards and accolades from international associations such as: PATA - ICCA - CIMPA - HATTA - LACP and many more.
These awards and accolades were given for the following reasons:

  • The quality of our services
  • The focused promotion of a destination
  • The high quality of the brochures we issue
  • The high standard we maintain on our Websites
9. How can I Speak directly with one of your representatives?

We have launched a unique new system for LIVE communication between our clients and company representatives.

On the Home page of all of our websites, you will see a banner that writes "CLICK HERE - we will call you back right away!". Via this link you can provide us with your phone number or Skype ID: if you do this during our business hours a representative will contact you immediately. If you make your request outside of our business hours you will be prompted to tell us when the best times to contact you are and one of our representatives will be with you as soon as possible.

This service is totally FREE of charge for visitors to our sites who seek further information for their vacation arrangements. Through this service we are furthering our efforts to provide you the best in personalized service. You are important to us so what could be better than one to one communication in order for us to better understand and cater to your individual travel needs. Feel free to call us and tell us your dreams and we will be delighted to help you make them a reality!


Telephone Numbers:

+30 2810 300330
+30 2810 220088

Fax Numbers:
+30 2810 220785

International Reservation Centre

Telephone Numbers:
+30 2810 382750

Fax Numbers:
+30 2810 333224