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Brandenburger Hof Hotel
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Brandenburger Hof Hotel

OPEN ALL YEAR... The magnificent turn-of the century mansion, Brandenburger Hof 5 star Hotel is a member of "Relais & Chateaux" tucked away in a small, quiet side street, only a few minutes on foot from the famous Kurfurstendamm and Memorial Church.

Περιγραφή ξενοδοχείου

What awaits the guest...

... cannot be more pleasant than a stay at the five-star hotel Brandenburger Hof.

Here luxury is found in privacy, and precious serenity has a home here, right in the midst of the capital city whirl.

In the elegant, classical palace built at the turn of the century not far from Kurfürstendamm, a sense of personal dedication and devotion can be sensed at all times. The owner, Daniela Sauter, personally manages the hotel.

Inside the building constructed during the reign of the last German emperor, not a trace of musty Prussia is to be found, but rather cheerful Italy and lush Asia. 

The guests make their way through a sandstone gate straight into the heart of the hotel. The glass-roofed courtyard is the exquisite “living room” of the building – an enclosed garden and lounge in one.

The hand-selected interior furnishings just beg to be your cozy refuge.

How about a glass of champagne? Or have a cup of coffee?

Rest your eyes on the Japanese garden which changes with the seasons. Here breakfast and lunch are served or heavenly tranquility is absorbed while sitting at the bar or in the voluptuously cushioned sofas and armchairs. Let the evening fade away accompanied by the croonings of after dinner jazz.

In the four surrounding salons, elegant dinner is served, be it in a private circle or with business company.

The library and the wine salon provide cozy getaways.

Chef Bobby Bräuer and his Quadriga staff indulge all the guests both in the salons as well as in the lounge. And in the gourmet restaurant the mood turns festive.

Luxurious rooms and suites, beauty oasis, Michelin-star restaurant, lounging in the enclosed garden. The Brandenburger Hof is a delightful refuge.

Owner Daniela Sauter and team present the guest with a home created from the stuff dreams are made of.


Distances to major sights:

  • Europa Center, Kurfürstendamm, Memorial Church - 250 metres.
  • KADEWE (Europe's largest department store) – 500 metres.
  • Tiergarten Garden & Zoo – 500 metres.
  • ICC Exhibition Centre - 5 km.
  • Charlottenburg Palace, Egyptian Museum – 5 km.
  • Philharmonic Hall, New National Gallery (Cultural Forum) – 5 km.
  • Potsdamer Platz – 5 km.
  • Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Pariser Platz – 6 km.
  • Unter den Linden, Deutsche Staatsoper – 8 km.
  • Gendarmenmarkt, Konzerthaus Berlin, Cathedral – 8 km.
  • Pergamon Museum, Old National Gallery – 8 km.
  • Potsdam, Sanssouci Palace – 30 km.


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Die Quadriga, its chef and the wine cellar.

"Each top-quality and natural ingredient has its own ambrosial taste. And it must absolutely never, ever be covered up."

This is the inalterable credo of the chef at Brandenburger Hof. Bobby Bräuer calls the shots in the Michelin-star kitchen of the Quadriga restaurant, and he has been known to serve baked calf sweetbread rounded off with vanilla, or Pauillac lamb complemented by lavender and Fleur de Sel.

Bobby Bräuer is one of the most talented chefs in the country who learned his craft from Dieter Müller, Eckart Witzigmann and André Jäger.

With a passionate penchant for all things Mediterranean, the outgoing Quadriga chef is the imaginative designer of one of Berlin’s finest restaurants.

His exquisite combinations find a most suitable atmosphere in the gold-green Salon orofino as well as in the red festive ambience Salon Königsstuhl.

As befits a gourmet restaurant (1*Michelin, 17 points Gault Millau), Brandenburger Hof offers the bon vivant an inimitable selection of German wines.

In the Treasure Trove of German Wines (wine menu of the year 2003, Gault Millau), a total of 850 different wines are stored including 450 Rieslings, 120 Spätburgunder, Silvaner, Traminer and white Burgunder.

Rare vintages as well as old and young German grand cru wines and the choicest creations of young, talented winemakers can be found.

At Brandenburger Hof the pearls of German wine culture glitter and sparkle, and the competing with the delicacies of the Quadriga.

The guests choose from the great treasure trove – either to acccompany their dinner at the restaurant, or they indulge in a luxuriously prolonged tasting in the wine cellar.


The Quadriga Lounge. A Piazza in Prussia.

The heart of the hotel. A jewel in the center of everything.

The Quadriga Lounge is where the soul of the hotel is expressed, and both in summer and winter, the guests stand in the airy courtyard garden beneath the glass heavens of Berlin.

Those in for leisure might stroll first about the enchanting Japanese garden, tarry at the bar, sink into the curled red velvet sofa with a view of the lobby or visit with acquaintances in the voluptuous sofas and armchairs of the lounge.

Spring tones caress the guests. The interior was arranged by selected international designers.

It is both capricious and austere, breathtakingly feminine, fresh as spring and homey, warm with a touch of cool.

The Quadriga Lounge is an entrancing taste of Italy set within Prussian walls.

This is where breakfast and lunch are served, or one can simply while away delicious hours of leisure. A select menu with smaller entrees is available.

Mouthwatering delicacies, charmingly christened Quadrolinos are served not only at tea time. In the evening, whilst sipping an aperitif, it may well be that the ivories will be tickled, or perhaps, caressed. Or perchance there is a poetry reading, an extravagant fashion show or a post-dinner jazz session, all before the moon bids good night.

The Quadriga Lounge is a courtyard garden and terrace at the same time. It is the Brandenburger Hof’s Piazza, shot through with sunlight, clothed in a turn-of-the-century gown.


Bookworm getaway, tête-à-tête, private dining.

The four Berliner Salons surrounding the classical enclosed garden courtyard are inviting refuges full of delight and intimacy for festive gatherings both small and large:

The Salon Platini with pink chrysanthemums hand-pressed on gold-colored silk wallpaper exudes Chinese flair.

A garden blooming in the winter, too, in which the sun keeps shining into the evening.

Opposite, in the Salon Registano a tropical garden is blooming before a crystal blue horizon lusciously accentuated with wine-red cushions.

And above it all, a perfect exemplar of a classical chandelier sparkles over the festive scene.

The Library and the Wine cabinett are intimate getaways.

The former for reading, for enjoying a fine cigar, a digestif.

The wine salon, from which the in-house wine cellar can be accessed directly, lends itself to lively conversations. The Sommelier, will be delighted to assist wine connoisseurs and those aspiring to become one.



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