Elounda Dimitra & Penelope Stone Homes

Hotel Übersicht

The Stone House is a Traditional one well preserved originally built in 1880 rebuilt and partly restored in 1950 and finally restored to its present stage in 1999. The Stairs direct downhill to the south side of the settlement of Mavrikiano and the Houses lay to the right having joint entrance which leads to a common Hall. The door opposite provides easy access to a beautiful Garden suitable for sunbathing where at very end is an ample seize Swimming Pool inviting you for a long dip. To the right is an Open-air complete Kitchen with oven shaded with tiles and large Dining Table, with superb Mountain View.


Dimitra & Penelope Stone Home is situated at Mavrikiano Traditional Village. The distance from Elounda Village is 1 km ( 10 min walk ) and 10 minutes walk from the Beach. The area attracts many visitors and a lot of VIPs choose to enjoy their vacations here. It overlooks Elounda Bay and the Village of Elounda.

Dimitra House is on the Ground Floor and Penelope House on the First Floor.


Opening the door next to the kitchen you will enter into the first bedroom with two single ironbeds of 1920 with sitting and fireplace.Next is the master bedroom with matrimonial bed and further a fully equiped bathroom with jacuzzi.


Facilities :

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Private dinning table
  • Barbaque
  • Fireplace
  • Jacuzzi





The beach is located 10 minutes walk away and about the same for the village of Elounda, about 1 kilometre.